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Posted by Zerker 
September 09, 2013 04:28PM
Hi all,
Wanting to know if anyone has tried these
They seem like a nice cheap option and I'm trying to build this I3 as cheap as possible.
Has anyone had any experience with these good or bad?
Re: Aluhotend
September 10, 2013 01:58AM
I've ordered 2 and they arrived :p

That's the limit of my experience so far.


They are smaller in real life than I expected.
They don't come with thermistor or heating element.
The thermistor hole is very small. A standard thermistor is about 3mm diameter. This hole is about 1.5mm (not measured)
They recommend a fan on the barrel, not provided

The creator recommends these thermistors

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Re: Aluhotend
September 10, 2013 07:45AM
thanks for that Dust.
those thermistors say they are 2mm diameter
I may have to re-think that then. once I factor in heater and thermistor it's getting closer in price to the other hotends out there. originally my plan was to get Magma all metal Hotend, and be setup straight away for printing with all available materials, but the designer no longer sells them and those that do have them in stock seem to sell them for more than the designer did.
Re: Aluhotend
September 13, 2013 01:56AM
RS did free shipping on those thermistors, but you have to buy 5...
And you also need PTFE tubing to prevent the leads shoring on the ALU block...

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Re: Aluhotend
November 20, 2013 08:32PM
I'm printing with one as I type this. Works really well for me. I had a Peek hotend before and the thermistor came loose, and melted it. So I used the thermistor and heater cartridge from the old hotend and used them on the Aluhotend.
Re: Aluhotend
November 25, 2013 06:41PM
thanks for the replies
Andy c what material are you printing with, any issues specific to pla or abs?

Dust did you get yours working, do you have spare thermistors? how much for one.

this would be $20.00 cheaper than a genuine jhead if i go for the complete aluhotend kit. the jhead clones on aliexpress work out to about the same price but i hear a lot of reports of jams with the clones, still not surenwhich one to go with.
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