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I3 parts needed

Posted by apprentice_nick 
I3 parts needed
December 10, 2013 03:10AM
Hi all.

Just another I3 build!tongue sticking out smiley

I have just started assembling parts for a new printer here in Christchurch.
Would any one be interested in printing some parts for me?
I am happy to pay for them of course.


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Re: I3 parts needed
December 14, 2013 05:15AM
Re: I3 parts needed
December 16, 2013 12:20AM
Its surprising that nobody has replied to this, but then, some time ago, I wanted someone to print just 2 gears for me and I got no replies either!

Waitaki 3D Printer
Re: I3 parts needed
December 16, 2013 02:00AM
Yeah I'm a bit surprised too!
I'm guessing its because its so close to xmas and everyones so busy.
I ended up just ordering the bits from a guy in Aus this morning.
I hope they get here before xmas!

Re: I3 parts needed
December 16, 2013 03:51AM
I'm almost out of filament so wouldn't have been much use to you and I bet with Xmas here it'll be the middle of January before my order arrives!

Waitaki 3D Printer
Re: I3 parts needed
December 16, 2013 05:11AM
I might look at doing prints for people, but I don't have my printer built yet, and then there is uni coming up this year.. If I get time.. ^ ^
Re: I3 parts needed
December 16, 2013 01:11PM
I could print you parts and mail them. But only have white or Green filament atm.
Definitely happy to help out though smiling smiley
Re: I3 parts needed
December 17, 2013 01:45AM
Thanks for the offers guys.
I'm hoping to get most if it built over the xmas break.
I'll have to finish it in the new year though. I forgot to order a hobbed bolt and I don't have the means to make one.
If anyone has a spare please PM me.

Re: I3 parts needed
December 30, 2013 02:28AM
hi all.

This isnt an attempt to hijack....... just seemed silly to create the same thread.

Am also looking for someone to print my RP. I think I want to build an i3 rework like JBFromOZ (10mm threaded rod just seems like a more solid base), but would also be curious to know others thoughts and possibly pitfuls to look out for as a New Zealander attempting to build his first reprap.


Re: I3 parts needed
December 30, 2013 03:22AM
Hi josh, i could probably print those parts, but I won't be back home and by the printer till Jan 6th. I have a hobbed bolt for nick as well that goes in the same category (if you havn't goty one yet Nick). I built an I3 with the 10mm varaiant, studier and possible to make slightly larger in the y direction if you feel inclined. There are a number of varaiants of the Y axis ends (corners). The ones I preferred had a screw on top to lock the smoothe rod rather than cable ties. It's worth examing some of the different ideas people have had. Of course once your printer is up and running you can always improve it. (or just be thankful you fianally got it to work :-) )
Re: I3 parts needed
December 30, 2013 03:33AM
awesome. cheers. Am in no rush. Ill finish doing my research as to which parts from which puzzle I think am after and maybe then you can do a sanity check before we consider printing.

edit: also hope your build is going well nick!

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Re: I3 parts needed
December 31, 2013 09:42PM
So far so good!
I have gone with the 10mm rework version but have had a small issue with the smooth rod.
Thanks to Mike from makershop.co.nz for helping me out with this.
Won't be too long before it's finished - all going to plan.
Thanks to Oatridge for the offer of the hobbed bolt. I'm happy to wait for it smileys with beer
Happy new year to all,

Re: I3 parts needed
February 25, 2014 04:36AM
i'm uncertain!
which are ok? for a i3 rework...
where i can find i3 rework dxf\dwg alu frame?
Re: I3 parts needed
February 26, 2014 05:11AM
the re-work has it's own wiki page, heres the link
on the introduction page they list the improvements which appear to be using the Einstein version for it's base as it does not mention the change to m10 over the original m8 for threaded rod.
JBfromOZ has a wiki page that covers some of the Einstein's development and it also clearly labels which RP parts are different for his build prusas build and sounds build.
well worth a read.

the re-work is from emotion-tech and their website is in french, i couldn't get google translate working to see if there are anymore insights on their page or not.

hope some of this helps
i dont see a re-work frame file anywhere, I'm pretty sure the Einstein used the v4 dxf which id the same as the Prusa main branch

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