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Would someone be willing to sell me printed Kossel parts? (christchurch area preffered)

Posted by TheTechnicalNoob 
Hi everyone,

Anybody in the christchurch area willing to print these parts for me? (parts attached)
I'm willing to pay you for your troubles. I'm not to sure what a fair price is. Suggestions?

I'd like to pay when I pick up as I think that's safer money wise for both of us.
I still need a lot of bits, pretty much everything (frame, hot end, switches, bearings, pulleys) except for electronics and belts. I'm still going to need to order all those.
So if you have extra stuff you want to get sell of I'd be interested.

EDIT: had to attach the zip in two pieces, as its not allowed to be bigger than 614kb..

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open | download - printed_parts1.zip (594.6 KB)
open | download - printed_parts2.zip (367.8 KB)
Re: Would someone be willing to sell me printed Kossel parts? (christchurch area preffered)
December 14, 2013 04:43PM
When calculating costs, there are usually 2 methods that can be considered - the length of filament used or the weight of the parts. Then add a bit on for the producer.
Pick up and pay is a sensible idea but only if the supplier lives local - petrol costs would need to be considered if travelling any significant distance. Hopefully, someone in Chch will help!

Waitaki 3D Printer
Well, I guess this means I'll be off to build a repstrap. Lol, I picked up 4 scanners today. Busy busy building. I love it! smiling bouncing smiley
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