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Clogged Nozzle Problems

Posted by Waiata 
Clogged Nozzle Problems
September 19, 2014 07:50PM
Has anybody had any problems with the new Jaycar 1.75 PLA filament?. I have just spent a frustrating week printing very large components and almost every time the 0.4mm Nozzle gets clogged resulting in a failed print. I have tried to compensate by increasing the temperature but the problem still exists. I suspect that it may be the black colour or possibly some sort of filling material they may use in the manufacturing process. When I use other suppliers material the problem does not exist.
Re: Clogged Nozzle Problems
September 21, 2014 10:00PM
if Jaycar are importing cheap PLA from overseas then it has been the experience of other reprap users that the Black coloured filaments can often contain extra junk filler that results in clogs.

it doesn't look like they do other colours which is a shame, as the price is cheaper than www.diamondage.co.nz however diamondage states they makes all their filament in house.
Re: Clogged Nozzle Problems
September 27, 2014 06:21AM
Interestingly I have done a number of experiments with differing brands of PLA. I have found that of the the four brands I've tried only Diamondage's always works. I've tried a lot of different configurations and have managed to get reasonable results with one or two other brands, however I still get hotend jams every now and again. I've spoken with Vic of Diamondage and the problem with 1.75mm filament is it costs the same amount per meter to process as 3mm so it's kg cost is higher. It is that extra processing that seems to give Diamondage the edge. Of course you could just have replaceable hotends if you are printing large amounts and this may work out cheaper in the long run.
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