Black Verbatim filament - my experience and settings
December 26, 2014 05:19AM
Thought I would share my initial results on printing with black Verbatim filament purchased from RS-Online.
A quick heads up while RS-Online state it is in stock with 2-3 days delivery they don't actually stock it in NZ. Upon placing my order it took over a week to get here and came from the UK.

Initially tests consistently failed so badly I thought something was wrong with my printer. The filament refused to stick or would bend really badly. I switched back to some ABS from DiamondAge and it printed fine so I concluded it was my settings.

After many unrelated frustrations (I had moved and modified my printer) my findings / settings for the black verbatim filament that are working are:
- Print slowly - it is softer and stripped in my extruder with the slightest resistance or trying to print too fast.
- it required a very hot end for the first layer at 255 then I dropped it to 240
- it required a very hot heatbed for the first layer at 115 then I dropped it to105 for subsequent layers.

This produced good results, no bending and just enough stick. I print directly onto glass with no slurry.

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Re: Black Verbatim filament - my experience and settings
January 03, 2015 12:18PM
Verbatim is a manufacturer. What's the plastic?
Re: Black Verbatim filament - my experience and settings
January 04, 2015 04:36PM

Have now printed quite a few items in Verbatim Black ABS using these settings and am happy with the results.
It does require using a brim or "mickey mouse ears" on thin parts to prevent curl and to keep it stuck to the glass.
It sticks enough to get the job done and I discovered by blowing on it to cool it down I can get it to pop off the glass and start the next print straight away.smiling smiley
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