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NZ Reprap-made parts

Posted by AndyB 
NZ Reprap-made parts
May 07, 2010 04:56PM
I'm interested in building a reprap mendel. Where would I get the plastic parts that RepRaps can reproduce to build my first one, and how much will they cost? I believe they compose around 50 percent of the machine, but aren't exactly commonly sold in any of the stores listed a few topics down.

Re: NZ Reprap-made parts
May 08, 2010 12:12AM
Some people make equivalents of the plastic parts out of wood etc to get themselves going.

For actual plastic ones you pretty much need to get them from someone who already has a printer up and running. I bought a makerbot at the beginning of this year, and am currently printing out the last of the pieces to make myself a mendel. Some of the large parts have been pretty tricky to print on the makerbot in ABS. Once that's up and running I'm happy to print out a couple of sets of parts. In terms of price, the "reprap way" is that once you have built yourself a printer you should print out two sets of parts for fellow reprapians for the cost of plastic, which I'm *guessing* would be about $30 (assuming it would take about 1 roll of Vik's PLA to get out a set of parts).

Alternatively Vik is working with Tim at mindkits.co.nz to do complete mendel kits, so you could email them if that is an option.

Re: NZ Reprap-made parts
May 08, 2010 04:00AM
Making two sets of reprap parts seems like a small price to pay, I'd be happy to go that route if possible. I'll also check out mindkits. I'm still researching everything but I'll post here or PM you when I'm in need of a set.
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