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Fliment swap and Test

Posted by moth4017 
Fliment swap and Test
January 14, 2015 03:56PM

Is any one interested in swapping some filament say 2 M by post , with print setting suppliers name and cost ?
Re: Fliment swap and Test
January 14, 2015 04:37PM
Sure - though what is the intended purpose? To try different vendors products, share your settings and experience or to have other colour options without buying a whole reel or something else? I only have 1.75mm Verbatim and DiamondAge filament so my vendor offerings are limited but happy to share. The cost of postage might be more than the filament is worth though so swapping locally would be easier and cheaper. You in ChCh? I have brown PLA, black, red, white & glow in the dark ABS and a reel of HIPS. Not that filament is overly expensive (IMHO) but it would be nice to be able to swap lengths for a different colour occasionally rather than buying a reel for a specific print. I tend to get the 1Kg reels so have them laying around indefinitely in plastic bags with gel sachets until I need them.
Re: Fliment swap and Test
January 14, 2015 05:30PM
I thought it would be good to do a comparison from different suppliers and see what the cost/quality is like.

so..Things to record


Manufacture Cost Per KG Min & Max Dia. Type colour Hot End Temp Bed Temp Printed on to...

Omni $45 1.72 /1.75 PLA white 205 50 Glass with Elmers Purple
Re: Fliment swap and Test
January 14, 2015 07:48PM
The problem as I see it,is that many reels of filament are not labelled.
I buy mine from Hobbyist (trade me) in chch,at $38.90 a reel for 1.75mm-1kg.
I have white pla,which is 1.72mm average,and red is 1.76mm average.
The cost per meter works out at about 13 c.,assuming a reel length of 300meters.
Some claim a reel length of 330m,so that would bring my cost down to 11.8c/m .
I'm not about to unroll it to measure the length of a reelgrinning smiley
Oops,I see the price is now down to $36.90.woohoo!
Printing at 185degrees,and 50 on the bed.

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Re: Fliment swap and Test
January 16, 2015 03:00AM
I'm in Whitby Porirua and I have about 90Meters of diamond age white impact modified PLA in 2.85mm. I never had much success printing with their impact modified stuff even slowing right down as suggested. I found interlayer lamination poor but others may have had better success. I have odds and ends of othe DiamondAge 2.8mm in various colours but I may just build a filament chopper and re-extrude it as 1.75.
I'm only printing 1.75 now, lots of sources and material options.

I haven't finished my struder yet, It's part way built and I have some ABS pelets and "master batch" colourants ready to go.
Using an 11mm auger and planning to drive with a stepper and use a joggle mechanism to press pelets away from the pinch off zone where they might otherways jam the stepper motor. I should be able to run the stepper motor with a standard rambo stepper insert PCB controlled by a CMOS hex inverter oscilator for the step drive wave form.

Also intending to visit some local plastic injection moulding factories soon to check on local supply options for raw plastic pelets.
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