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DRV8825 running Marlin firmware

Posted by Johnonz 
DRV8825 running Marlin firmware
March 24, 2015 01:36AM
Hi there im currently working on a issue with some DRV8825 stepper drivers. Im building a Ultimax 1.5 printer and have sourced the Controller separately from eBay as you do. The board is the standard Ramps Arduino combination but i have chosen to go with the DRV8825 over the A4998's. Now when i flash the controller with marlin it will only step the motor in one direction and trying to go in the other only results in a but of buzzing from the motor. For prosperity i flashed the controller with the latest repeatier FW and it works. Super confused by this i know there completely different FW's but why one and not the other.
Re: DRV8825 running Marlin firmware
March 24, 2015 03:30PM
Just a quick update to this it appears that after re flashing the controller with the marlin FW it works. Im wonderiing if the was some corruption in the fw. If i connect it to a computer and look at the commands coming back it looks as if its hitting a software defined end stop and thats whats stopping it from spinning in the opposite dirrection. As im still testing on the bench not on a machine there are no physical end stops connected to the board.

Im wondering if this has been the issue all along.
Re: DRV8825 running Marlin firmware
April 20, 2015 05:28AM
It might be tripping on line noise. It happened to me when I was setting up the electrics on the cnc controller (using the A4998 stepsticks) I twisted the motor wires in a 4way plait and helps, along with some old baluns from an inkjet printer I ripped apart for bits. Make sure you also have all your grounds connected to the same rail...not all earths are created equal and can float above and/or below 0v which can also create false triggers.
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