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Empty filament spools wanted (hawkes bay)

Posted by wingmaster 
Empty filament spools wanted (hawkes bay)
February 18, 2019 11:19PM
Do you like to get rid of your stack of empty spools? I like to have them please.
My filament maker always needs spools and is always running out of empty ones!

If you are interested in filament making just contact me. I am located in Napier.

Re: Empty filament spools wanted (hawkes bay)
February 19, 2019 04:02PM
I have lots of empty spools of various sizes. What kind of filament are you producing? How much per kg?

Are you interested in recycling my scrap PLA?

But why not set up some kind of Masterspool thing? Make a couple of spools with a removable side. Produce filament on one. When it's full, cable tie the filament and take it off the spool and store. When printing, use the other spool... put a cable-tied batch of filament on the spool, cut the cable ties.

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Re: Empty filament spools wanted (hawkes bay)
February 19, 2019 07:04PM
I mainly make ABS filament in 2.8mm. I tried poly carbonate but was not fully successfull and needs more tuning to get right.

The cost of the ABS granules is about $5/kg . Polycarb is a bit more expensive around $8/kg.

It would be nice to recycle wrong prints, but never done it. There are several problems with recycling: You need someway to grind it down. Then there is the issue that any pollution picked up will jam the 3d printer extruder. And you need to mix it 50% with new material due to the deterioration of the plastic.

Masterspool has the risk that the filament get tangled. Also switching between colors is a hassle. SO much easier to have spools ready to be used, and if they empty, fill them again.
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