looking for older 3d printer controllers
May 08, 2022 01:30AM
As many of you might know I do my best to support Marlin, but sometimes you just need to the hardware in question.

To that end I am looking for acquire older 3d printer motherboards that you may have upgraded away from and no longer desire.

The board doesn't even need to be fully working (I can replace parts) as long as board it self is ok and isn't now a charcoal brick)

Not any of the following

Ramps (I have a bunch)
Sanguinololu (I have a bunch)
Gen3 ( I have one)

Anyone got anything?
Re: looking for older 3d printer controllers
June 19, 2022 03:42AM
Hi Dust,

I have one or more of the Gen3 (maybe some previous ones too) and the RS485 stepper drivers somewhere in my basement ... and different other RepRap-electronics and RAMPS and RADDS and such, collecting dust.

But I'm located in Germany, so maybe not worth shipping?

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