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Looking for A4988 stepper drivers

Posted by tim_kberg 
Looking for A4988 stepper drivers
July 27, 2022 04:59PM
Hi everyone

Taking a chance here to try avoid a 2-month wait from AliExpress... My Prusa i3 which I was getting out of mothballs had power surge of some description which fried the Mega2560 and the stepper motor drivers.

I have sourced a replacement Mega and I believe the RAMPS board is fine because my end stops still work and I can see them open/closed with the M119 command in RepetierHost. However the A4988s are toast. I had one spare which I switched in for a couple of them and the axis would move when I sent commands with the spare plugged in, but otherwise nothing

So now I am on the lookout for 4x A4988s to get my machine up and running again. Does anyone have some lying around in a spare parts bin to help out? Happy to reimburse at fair rates. I am based in Christchurch so I can also do pickup if someone local can help. Also may need to replace my temperature sensors as they are giving nonsensical numbers.

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