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Marlin successfully calibrated on ultimaker clone but not responding when printing

Posted by ceesios 
Hi All,

I'm building my first 3d printer following this design.

So far i have found very useful tips over here, but now it seems i'm really overlooking something.

I have installed a rumba board, blown a couple of stepper driversmoody smiley and replaced them, connected everything the right way this time (i think) and all seems to be good;
- With pronterface i can move every axis, and I believe it is now all moving in the correct direction.
- X-Y zero is now on the left-front side of the printbed.
- Auto homing is working
- homing (endstops) is done on Z-max, X-min and Y-max
- When i manually enter gcode in pronterface the response is as expected. p.e. g0 x100 y100 z100 moves everything to the correct (about center) position.

So it guessed i was good to go and loaded a gcode (attached), created with Cura into pronterface.
That's when i'm getting really stuck. In pronterface and on the display everything seems to be running, only the printer starts to print.
It starts to heat the bed (if it's on in the gcode), heats the head, homes the printer, and then.... nothing happens.

Well, not exactly nothing, because in pronterface and on the display it looks like the printer is running the gcode.

What I've tried so far:
- switched y-min to y-max (the current setting) to move de y0 position to the front of the printer. My thought was that the printer was trying to print outside the printbed, never making it past the endstops and so not moving.
- removed the offset of the printbed to the defaults because i was doubting whether is should be a positive or negative number.
- started with a clean setup, with the RC of marlin (which it currently runs). Hoping to exclude bugs and mistakes during configuration.
- played with some machine settings in cura.
- started the print from windows 10, 7 and ubuntu
- printed from an sd card while monitoring serial output. It outputs the temperatures while heating up, and then just stops, but i don't know if that's normal behavior.

I've attached the marlin config files, the gcode i'm using (the file was too big so i removed layers above layer 1.)
There's also a video of the behavior on youtube

Any help or ideas would really be appreciated!

open | download - Configuration.h (40.4 KB)
open | download - Configuration_adv.h (27.5 KB)
open | download - ultimate_calibration_test_v3 - Copy.gcode (26.9 KB)
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