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Problem using M42

Posted by geoffs 
Problem using M42
April 09, 2016 06:53AM
I'm trying to add bed lights to my Ord Hadron printer using a Reprapdiscounts fan extender (http://www.geeetech.com/wiki/index.php/Reprap_Ramps1.4_RRD_Fan_Extender).
A test program blinks the lights as expected so I moved on to try using M42 to control them while printing.

The problem is that if I issue an M42 command, say 'M42 P11 S255' I lose communications with the printer and have to issue a reset.
Running the latest Marlin on a Geeetech RAMPS 1.4 board via Pronterface. System is otherwise working fine and prints OK.

If I turn on debugging in Pronterface, i can see an M105 being sent and an OK response returned. When I issue the 'M42 P11 S255', the OK responses stop.
If I just issue an 'M42' without any arguments, then the OK responses do not stop.

EDIT: Problem solved. It seems I wasn't using the latest Marlin after all eye rolling smiley Sorry...
Lights working as wanted via M42 P6 S255.

(I'd have deleted this post as unneccessary but that doesn't seem to be an option)

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Geeveston, Tasmania
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