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Graphic LCD--Why bother building things that don't work?

Posted by av8r1 
Graphic LCD--Why bother building things that don't work?
June 25, 2016 03:30AM
So here's my question: Why is a common, readily available and inexpensive component such a massive, recurring problem?

The "Discount full graphic LCD Display" seems to be a problem for every single person stupid enough to buy one. Like me. What about this thing is so prone to failure?

I've been running the printer on firmware I got through Folger's instructions using the alphanumeric LCD, which was perfect plug and play. When my first RAMPS board caught fire, I bought a whole new set of electronics including a graphic LCD.

The firmware that came with my Folger doesn't even have the #define discount blah blah display, and no combination of stuff will get it to work. So I go out to Github (which is ALWAYS a mistake), pull down what I think is the latest stable release, v 1.0.2-1, and try the instructions there. I installed U8glib.h via Arduino's package manager thing, uncommented the #define line, and it throws a compile error.

In file included from sketch/dogm_lcd_implementation.h:38:0,
from sketch/ultralcd.cpp:39:
sketch/dogm_font_data_marlin.h:12:25: fatal error: utility/u8g.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
exit status 1
Error compiling.

So a file is referencing a file that needs to call a file that isn't...somewhere...Who the hell wrote this software, and can someone better do it right?
Re: Graphic LCD--Why bother building things that don't work?
June 25, 2016 12:35PM
The Folger Tech-2020 firmware is very old. You would be better off bringing up the RC-6 RCBugFix branch. And that does support the Full Graphic's Controller.
Re: Graphic LCD--Why bother building things that don't work?
June 26, 2016 06:03AM
AFAIK you have to put a line somewhere in marlins code that says " include u8glib.h".
Not sure where I found that info, but it's most likely the configuration.h LCD_config section
Re: Graphic LCD--Why bother building things that don't work?
October 10, 2016 12:57PM
i had this problem very recently, its not a problem, just becasue you cant use google and troubleshoot anything doesn't mean its broken or faulty, first of all, did you include it with arduino's built in library installer, second, i found two places to get the u8glib code to run the screen, one worked and one didn't, try from a different place and third don't use the latest arduino software,use 1.0.6, the newer versions use one of the variables in the code as a reserved name so it has does not compile, you could change all instances of that variable to another name but that is very time consuming and not worth it, but otherwise good luck
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