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Marlin on a "fake Melzi Ardentissimo v1.0"

Posted by Lorcan 
Marlin on a "fake Melzi Ardentissimo v1.0"
August 06, 2016 04:26PM
I've got my hands on a Icarus 3D-M2 3D Printer. It's a design a là Prusa - Mendel
The previous owner wasn't a DIY'er. (shame, but his choice) The original extruder was clogged.
So upgraded it to a E3D v6 Bowden, since the original extruder simple J-Head.
Now, when delivery came of the E3D v6 Bowden, they also shipped a Thermocouple Type K with it.
So, ordered the External Thermalcouple board, after carefully researching what the better thermistor part was in long term thinking.
The controller board is a "fake" Melzi Ardentissimo v1.0.
The chip suppose to be a ATMega1284p, but avrdude gave me errors and i found out it was ATMega328p
Here lies the issues.
The firmware is a Marlin V1.0 and the software to talk to it, is an old version of Repetier, v0.95
I want to upgrade the firmware, so the Thermalcouple board can be used and to use it with an upgraded version of Repetier.

I have, however, succeeded in download the firmware with avrdude (see txt file)
Took me a lot of research, trails and errors, but that was a bit fun.

At the moment, i could use a hand in reshaping the Marlin Source code and the pin-out as to where to connect the thermalcouple board.
I'm a bit lost in the code, as i'm more familiar with Marlin and Mega2560 & RAMPS then with this "fake" Melzi Ardentissimo board.
To bad we still don't have a way to disassemble hex to original source code files. Wouldn't that help big time?
Please read txt file for more information about the board

kind regards,
open | download - Icarus 3D-M2 3D printer Melzi Ardentissimo board information.txt (6.7 KB)
Re: Marlin on a "fake Melzi Ardentissimo v1.0"
August 06, 2016 07:32PM
I just replaced a PrintRboard. You can get clones of the RAMPS v1.4, Mega2560 processor board, and 5 Step-Sticks for $15 on eBay. That might be a better path.

Rather than bidding on separate auctions to save a couple of dollars, you can just pay $18.50 for the same setup.
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