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Marlin Delta G29--what does it do?

Posted by av8r1 
Marlin Delta G29--what does it do?
November 01, 2016 02:53AM
I'm still struggling with this. Running a print on my Folger Kossel without a G29 line, printing on the mechanical calibration, I get okay results. Still think it would be more expedient to mount the bed on springs, but what do I know? If run with a G29, it goes through the big song and dance routine of probing the bed, and then either prints the same as without, or at an even worse tilt. Can anyone who actually knows how Marlin works answer this question: Exactly what data is gathered by the Z probe routine, and what exactly does Marlin do with that data?

To clarify, I'd like book, chapter and verse. What lines of code in which files deal with the mesh data?

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Re: Marlin Delta G29--what does it do?
November 02, 2016 09:54AM
The Delta's don't do Mesh Leveling yet. But if you bring up the RCBugFix version of Marlin, you can now do Bi-Linear leveling on Delta's. That is close to a Mesh Leveling scheme. It is worth doing.
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