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mini-rambo help

Posted by OutcastZeroOne 
mini-rambo help
May 18, 2017 01:34AM
Hey guys

So im kinda at my wits end with my problem. Started over the weekend I did a Bnechi print on my Lulzbot Mini. and ever since my machine will not make a good circle. They all come out shifted. Right as the y-axis is about the reverse direction I swear I can see the motor move a tiny bit more the wrong way. The result is a circle that looks like it was cut in half, slid over a tiny, then glued back together. Someone suggested that i should look at the firmware settings of my Mini-Rambo but I can not get it to load.

I use the info on the wiki and am trying to use the Arduino software to read it but I cant get the ultimachine info to load to recognize the board. Ive tried all the auto settings and manually downloading everything but it dosent work. the files the wiki says to grab and transfer over are not in the github links provided so im at a loss. All i want to do is print out some new rims for my RC car XD

any help is greatly appreciated.
Re: mini-rambo help
May 18, 2017 03:42AM
sounds mechanical to me... like your pullies have come lose from the stepper shafts
Re: mini-rambo help
May 18, 2017 08:33AM
nope. everything is tight. ive checked all belts and set screws, all are tight with no slack at all. Belts make a nice tone when plucked.
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