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Crazy homing behavior on Marlin 1.1.1

Posted by aFrazatto 
Crazy homing behavior on Marlin 1.1.1
May 29, 2017 09:33AM
I'm clueless about what could possibly be creating this behavior, but when I try to home, for instance, the Z axis it first tries to move the X axis and than moves Z up instead of down just for a short burst and it stops. Something similar happens with all the other axis when trying to home.

The only thing I did was porting my configuration files from 1.0.2-2 to the new ones (line by line, not overwriting the whole file) and the only "new" option I touched was setting the board to RAMPS 13 instead of 14.
I have a homemade Prusa i3 and yes, 1.0.2-2 still works fine and as expected, this is not a hardware issue.

Any help would be appreciated.
Re: Crazy homing behavior on Marlin 1.1.1
June 05, 2017 10:17AM
The program I used to port the configuration values did not recognized the section for MIN_ENDSTOP_INVERTING due to the HUGE differences in some parts of the file.
The printer believed it was hitting the endstop all the time, It should be true but the default is false tongue sticking out smiley

The Z action is something new, every time a X or Y home movement is request, the nose is moved away from the bed first.

Now thing make sense again!!!
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