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purposal machines.h

Posted by Dust 
purposal machines.h
June 25, 2017 08:57AM
Currently with us technical types we know what the components of our machines are and we are happy to configure it as needed.

But many user are not so technical.

Times are also a changing, it used be to that there was no standard machines, there are now bunches.

I purpose we have machines.h that loads machine_{whatever}.h that defines common machines and all their components, same way we currently have pins.h

So all those users would need to do would be to set machine = a10 for eg and it sets everything correctly for a standard a10
with a default of machine = custom for an empty machine_custom.h

These settings of course can be over ridden in configuration.h for those that customize their machines

Items like motherboard, thermistors, screens,input devices, endstop locations, axis lengths, steps/mm, branding etc.. In a compact but still human readable format.

most of these already exist, so the information would just need collated.

This could also mean that the manufacturer could just provide a machine_latest.h and not some obsolete badly hacked customized firmware

Re: purposal machines.h
June 25, 2017 02:03PM
That means you have one machine.h suited for every controller Marlin supports? Quite a long list....Not to mention all the Prusa i3 clones, that are not built the same ( endstops, stepper direction, pulley tooth count )
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