Add a smoke detector function to Marlin firmware for Arduino?
June 25, 2017 03:05PM
There's a discussion going on at the Folgertech 3D Printers facebook group about adding a cheap MQ2 smoke detector module to either a RaspberryPi or an extra Arduino board. I wonder if this is something that has been considered as an option to add to the Marlin firmware? I looked around at the Marlin FW,org website but didn't see a place for feature requests, so posting here is the best I can do.

The issue is that there have been cases of printers catching fire -- usually something in the power supply, the wiring, or the bed heater. A smoke detector module like this one
An Amazon Page for an MQ2 detector
could be interfaced to the printer's MKS (or other) board and Marlin firmware could monitor the detector and shut down all high-current draw elements, and maybe the power supply itself, if the detector indicates a problem. It could also make a system speaker scream at the same time?

This might improve the safety of running a printer without a human watching it every minute that it is printing.
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