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Stuck on STOPPED

Posted by vicwhit 
Stuck on STOPPED
August 25, 2017 09:25PM
I am running Marlin 1.1.2 on a Tevo Tarantula with BLTouch.
I mistakenly unplugged the AC to the power supply while it was running a print job. Now I cannot home the Z axis. The LCD display shows "STOPPED" on the bottom line.

I have reloaded Marlin with no change.
I have defaulted to factory config with no change.
I have written a new message to the screen OK but STOPPED comes back after a reset.
I have tried M999 to reset but it does not seem to do anything.

I can move all axis, heat the extruder and bed by G-code commands and by the LCD menu. That would imply all that electronics/mechanical is operational.
When I do a HOME or G28, the carriage raises about 10mm, the X and Y axis find home, and the carriage moves to the centre of the bed as per normal. Then carriage does not move down close to the bed so the BLTouch probes thin air.

I desperately need to get rid of the STOPPED status or the error that is causing it.

Help needed!
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