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SD print stop

Posted by kradant 
SD print stop
January 15, 2018 09:44AM
Hello there,

I am using Marlin 1.1.5. and I have a question regarding the function "stop printing" (from the menu available on the LCD menu when attached). Every time I use this function, it stops immediately which is fine but it looses its position! The letters X, Y, Z are blinking. This is very annoying. Why is this happening? What can I do?

Also I have another issue. Unfortunately I must desactivate the software endstops in one of my programms. I do this in the code with "M211 S0" and reactivate it with "M211 S1" at the end of the file. Now, if I am stopping the printing in the middle by pressing "stop", the software endstops are still deactivated which I don't want. Is there a way to activate the endstops automatically after I stopped a print?



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Re: SD print stop
January 30, 2018 09:59AM
Hello there! I still need help concerning both points. Does someone know how to do this?

Does the first issue arise because my motors go idle after 60 seconds or so?
Can someone help me especially with the second issue? How can I ensure that after aborting a program which deactivated the software endcontrols, they get reactivated?

Thank you

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