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X axis clatters at the first layers

Posted by ikarisan 
X axis clatters at the first layers
January 30, 2018 02:04PM

I use the following hardware:

Anet AM8
MKS Gen 1.4 board
TMC2130 drivers for X, Y and E (X and Y at 700mA RMS, E at 650mA RMS)

At the moment I am using Marlin bugfix-1.1.x (b0f148f, 2018-01-25) and my problem is, that my X axis (not the extruder!) is clattering like crazy when printing the first 1-2 layers. It sounds like the timing belt jumps over the teeth but it isn't. At higher levels it it very silent. What is causing this?

Please have a look at this video.

Thank you!!
Re: X axis clatters at the first layers
February 01, 2018 08:53AM
Sry,cant see whats causing the noise but i suspect it is still doing it at higher lvls, just that the print speed on the 1st lvl is a lot slower so maybe more noticable.
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