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Multi-Stepping in Marlin

Posted by RishabhX3576 
Multi-Stepping in Marlin
March 17, 2018 12:58PM
I am building a 3d printer using NEMA 23 motors and external stepper driver DM542, which can do 1/256 microstepping.

I desire to run this printer at 1/4 microstepping for X and Y axes for 0.025mm resolution.

Is there any step multiplication in Marlin which can let me achieve 64/256 microstepping?
(I am trying to imitate Trinamic TMC2100 here, which extrapolates 1/16 to 16/256)

(64 step pulses per 1 logical step pulse)

Where and how to set it up?

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Re: Multi-Stepping in Marlin
March 17, 2018 07:12PM
no. 8 bit controllers just cannot put out that many pulses/sec. Which is why divers using interpolation are used
Re: Multi-Stepping in Marlin
March 17, 2018 11:23PM
I was going to use DUE+Shield combo.
Might design my own shield.
Does Marlin4Due or any other 32bit Marlin derivative supports multistepping to this extent?

Also, how can I achieve 4/16, 8/16, or 16/16 multistepping on MEGA R3 + RAMPS 1.4?
I have an old printer running on this combo.
Re: Multi-Stepping in Marlin
April 12, 2018 06:51PM
I'm interested in this too.

But from my understanding, I looked about the DM542 it's 128 micro stepping if you look at page 7 of the manual.
But they say its using a 1.8 degree motor would it make it 256 microstep when using a 0.9 degree motor?


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