Marlin - G28 Problem
May 26, 2018 03:28PM
Hi Comm,

recently, I have issues with my G28 Homing.
P3Steel Frame
Arduino / Ramps combi
TMC2130 on X, Y, Z and E via SPI
Marlin 1.1.8

Pressing "Home" in Octoprint moves the bed / printhead about acm to the right and 1 cm to the front (opposite direction of the homing direction).
Using the Display constrol buttons, it does the same but additionally rapidly moves to the right and front and starts to home Z outside the bed.
Homing direction is set correctly in Marlin.
Until this issue appeared, I did not change anything in the firmware.
I tried 1.1.8 and the bugfix version. I did flash it about 15 times now.
If needed, I can upload videos of the homing procedure.

Did this happen to someone before?
Thanks in advance!
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