Invert Logic of any Digital Pin used for Fans and Lights
June 03, 2018 05:56AM
Hi Folks,
I did some smaller mistake in my Hardware "design" as I soldered a small Board to switch Fans and Lights With D47 D45 D43 and D41
The Board Works as expected but Digital HIGH turns the light off and so on. in Most Cases this is not a Problem as i turn them on by Terminal anyway.
Just with the CONTROLLER_FAN. I thought is must be easy to invert this in Firmware but did not find any till now... could someone Help me here or lean me in the right direction?

Clear simple Question: I Want D45 "CONTROLLER_FAN" to be Off if the Steppers need cooling...

Thanks in advance..

Ah and this is Marlin 1.1-daily complety rearanged Pins on kinda like RAMPS 1.4
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