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BLTouch Matrix and Return to X/Y Home

Posted by fitz101 
BLTouch Matrix and Return to X/Y Home
June 26, 2018 02:33PM
Hello all!

First post and very new to 3d printing/coding. So, please bear with me, and if you ask me for detailed information (error reports, etc..), I will likely need some coaching. But I will do my best to provide updates to questions!

I have two questions that I think are simple... I think.

1) Increasing the bed matrix points using BLTouch (genuine). Currently does 16 points (4x4 grid). Would like to increase it to 5x5. I know it will take a bit longer to run the measurements, but I just want to play around to see if it changes anything on my first layer. When I am in Configuration.h for marlin, I look under the following:
// Set the number of grid points per dimension.
Is this the correct section to change my grid size? I am assuming that since it says 6 for the X max, it would do a 6x6 grid? But yet, I only get a 4x4 grid when I run my print...

2) Once the BLTouch runs it's current measurements, the hot end returns back to the front left (as you're looking at the printer). But the time it takes to go from the back right, to the front left is so painfully slow (like 4 minutes). I read somewhere that this is a soft end stop return? Is there a way to speed this up?

Once again, thanks for any guidance you can provide.

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