Retraction speed question
July 23, 2018 05:02PM
I've determined that my max speed for extrusion of my current roll of ABS is 5.3 mm/s @245C. I determined that by marking the filament and running 50 mm, increasing the speed until the extruder started slipping.

In my configuration.h the default max feedrate for the extruder was set to 25 mm/s and my retraction speed was set to 1800 mm/m which gave me a very quick retract. If I override the default max with M203 and set it to 5.3, my retraction speed gets noticeably affected by it and becomes much slower.

Since retraction should be able to move much more quickly as it's not working against the pressure in the nozzle, should I leave that default max feedrate at 25 and get my quick retraction and just rely on the slicer to configure the max extrusion rate?
Re: Retraction speed question
August 12, 2018 10:13PM
Rely on your slicer.
There is no setting in Marlin (AFAIK), to set independent Max Feed Rates for the Extruder based on function (extrude v. retract).
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