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How to setup E1 / X2 with TMC2130

Posted by kabelfrikkler 
How to setup E1 / X2 with TMC2130
August 08, 2018 12:06PM
Hey guys and girls, I am curently gambeling arround with more TMC2130 Drivers, its only on the Bench but maybe you could follow me:
ich got TMC2130's including SPI and DIag0 on all 6axis (on my new printer this will be XYZ X2 E0 E1 XYZ are working fine, i know how to asign X2 etc thats not new,
but on TMC2130 Debug M122 I ony get status reports on XYZ never on X2 or any of the extruders,
If i set current via
SENDING:M906 X I1 500 // it always reports (like it would work) back current of all the other axis, but not of the "uncommen ones"
X driver current: 800
Y driver current: 900
Z driver current: 900
This is M122 output:
		X	Y	Z
Enabled		false	false	false
Set current	800	900	900
RMS current	795	887	887
MAX current	1121	1251	1251
Run current	25/31	28/31	28/31
Hold current	12/31	14/31	14/31
CS actual		12/31	14/31	14/31
PWM scale		128	128	6
vsense		1=.18	1=.18	1=.18
stealthChop	true	true	true
msteps		16	16	16
tstep		1048575	1048575	1048575
threshold		0	0	0
[mm/s]		-	-	-
OT prewarn	false	false	false
OT prewarn has
been triggered	false	false	false
off time		5	5	5
blank time	24	24	24
-end		2	2	2
-start		3	3	3
Stallguard thrs	8	8	8
sg_result		0	0	0
stst		X	X	X
olb		X	X
ola		X	X
Driver registers:	X = 0xE0:0C:00:00
	Y = 0xE0:0E:00:00
	Z = 0x80:0E:00:00

could someone tell me if ther is just not feedback on this (X2 etc) or am I mistaking somwere?

btw tm2130 lib is form 5.8.2018 so thats new.,
Re: How to setup E1 / X2 with TMC2130
August 09, 2018 04:44AM
consider Closed,
Update bugfix got it implemented
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