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Marlin 1.1.9 Bilinear not working on CR-10 Mini with MKS GEn L and Bltouch? Wrong version?

Posted by iamthebest22 
Hi all, recently decided to upgrade my Cr-10 Mini to a Titan and V6 after just fed up with the original extruder slipping gears (and no tightening of the extruder available though I probably could have just switched to the aluminum MK8 extruder Flexi) and I seem to be having trouble with the Bilinear leveling. I forgot to take pictures, but it seems like despite the leveling succeeding (and the results says I have just around 0.1mm difference in all probe points at max) there's areas where it just seems to be lower than it should be and almost squishing into the bed. Now I realize it's an i3 style and there might be the usual x axis bend, however I've checked that myself and am pretty confident that the x axis is not bent or etc and in line with the frame itself. nor is there any loose wheels etc. I have did a M48 probe test three times in total and the standard deviation is on average 0.0109mm, which should be more than good enough and not a probe issue.

With that being said, I wonder if I downloaded the wrong version, since I was having trouble downloading Marlin last night, kept giving me 502 errors, then when it finally downloaded I went and installed and uploaded to my Cr-10 Mini with the MKS Gen L.I also did a M502 everytime I uploaded and then the usual M500 and M503 to check.

The reason I ask is because when I boot up the Cr-10 mini, it says bugfix 1.1.x instead of the (I assume it should say 1.1.9) usual version 1.1.9 on bootscreen so did I maybe download a wrong version? Nevertheless here is my full Marlin, I hope someone can help me out cause I just don't seem to be having luck right now with BLtouches.


Thank you very much!
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