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Anyone get skew correction to compile

Posted by DaveA 
Anyone get skew correction to compile
August 20, 2018 11:27AM
Marlin 1.1.9 with Folgertech i3 2020

I'm trying to understand how to implement skew correction. If I understand the comments in configuration.h I can either enter my measurements for XY_DIAG_AC, etc OR define XY_SKEW_FACTOR.
It seems that XY_SKEW_FACTOR overrides my enter measurements but if I comment out XY_SKEW_FACTOR I get a compile error.

// Input all length measurements here:
// #define XY_DIAG_AC 282.8427124746
// #define XY_DIAG_BD 282.8427124746
// #define XY_SIDE_AD 200
#define XY_DIAG_AC 141,1 //08/19/18
#define XY_DIAG_BD 141.6
#define XY_SIDE_AD 100.6

// Or, set the default skew factors directly here
// to override the above measurements:
#define XY_SKEW_FACTOR 0.0

If I leave XY_SKEW_FACTOR defined when I do M852 I get all zeros and the print doesn't change.
I can put some value in XY_SKEW_FACTOR and it does get displayed via M852. Haven't tried another print.
I assume I'm doing something wrong but don't understand the comments.
Re: Anyone get skew correction to compile
August 20, 2018 04:34PM
Never mind. Keyboard error. #define XY_DIAG_AC 141,1 //08/19/18 should not have a comma sad smiley
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