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DUAL X CARRIAGE and sensorless homing anyone did that?

Posted by kabelfrikkler 
DUAL X CARRIAGE and sensorless homing anyone did that?
August 27, 2018 05:35PM
hey everyone,

my setup: 6 x TMC2130 drivers, on a Carthesian Reprap with Dual X carriage.
The Mainboard is custom but based on atmega2560

The problem/ Question: How do i get sensorless homing for X2 working?

what I tried: to be sure the problem is not Hardware based, i changed the Pinout so that X1 is X2 and vice versa
it is always "firmware X2" and not hardware related that X2 does not react on a Physical barrier.
as on dual X carriage X2 is always Homing bevor X1 is homing, i also wired up a microswitch to fake a endsop X2 "x-max" and than X1 Homes and there sensorless homing is working.

mit head hurts on this: X2 is homing to 1 X1 is homing to -1 so diag1 is conected to X-min (X1) and X-max (X2) is that correct? how can i further troubleshoot? do you have any cloue, or does someone know this should work?

Bonus Quest::
Diag1 is HIGH ~3.8V as "open" and LOW ~0V on closed, is it possible to Change that behavior, or (more importend) the timeing how long it is LOW (as i do hav supression caps 10uF) on my endstops and theoretical they could supress a to short LOW .. i want an osciloscope for ehrrr christmas.. who tells my wife?
open | download - Configuration.h (72.8 KB)
open | download - Configuration_adv.h (68.5 KB)
Re: DUAL X CARRIAGE and sensorless homing anyone did that?
October 01, 2018 11:37AM
You just need set an endstop on Xmax.
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