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Set Z=5mm after homing G28

Posted by garaguido 
Set Z=5mm after homing G28
December 11, 2018 11:03AM
How to set , in Marlin, X=0 Y=0 and Z=5mm after G28 homing?

The raison is :to protecting my flex magnetique printbed by warming up , preventing the nozzle
touching or to close the bed .
Re: Set Z=5mm after homing G28
December 11, 2018 01:07PM
I set the "#define Z_CLEARANCE_DEPLOY_PROBE 10" even though I do not deploy the probe

Though you send a G28 Z5 ;move Z to 5mm from end-stops from Pronterface or similar 3D Printer program.

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Re: Set Z=5mm after homing G28
December 12, 2018 05:43AM

My settings are the same "#define Z_CLEARANCE_DEPLOY_PROBE 10" and "#define Z_CLEARANCE_BETWEEN_PROBES 5"

But by Auto homing , my Z hight is at min. 0.1 mm and still to close to the bed , my magnetique flex printbed temp. will stand for max. 150 degrees C , but the extruder go's 215 degrees C.

Therefore I will the head at min. 5mm from the bed when Auto homing or homing with G28 .

I have set already the 5mm Z hight in my print endscript , but when I home from my LCD display the head go's to 0.1mm min. hight .

Where must I made the settings in Marlin for it ?
Re: Set Z=5mm after homing G28
December 12, 2018 08:12AM
I Have a thumb nut on my Z-Axis end stop sensor mount.
This allows me to adjust the nozzle to within microns of the height needed for perfect adhesion and 1st layer print.

One of the hardest things that we learned during the 1st few days of owning a 3D Printer, is getting that first layer at the correct height.
It is also necessary to learn that when using a glass surface glue sticks make it much easier for filament adhesion.

My first prints were average in size and printed on the paper tape method. ("Blue Painters Tape") as this is the easiest to learn for beginners.

I first home the printer then lower the nozzle to it's lowest point, making sure a thin piece if paper will slide under the nozzle only when nozzle is raised to 0.2mm.
This is about the thickness of the paper and the first suggested layer height.

Having have a thumb screw on my Z-Axis sensor allows this adjustment to be made very quickly.

You can use use Z-Offset to change the Z Height using M851.
Marlin has access to the Z-Offset from the LCD allowing quick setting of the desired offset height.

The image below shows you my Whole bed is covered in 1 strip of Paper Tape.

Though in all fairness today I print on a many Bed surfaces...

Example "A change of bed surfaces from PEI Bed surface to ("image Below")

Vinyl Floor Tile on the Bed surface the leftover piece cut from bed PEI installation on the floor tile. In just a couple minutes.
Why this strange test, to see how fast I could setup a temporary print surface for that special Print when the occasion arrives.

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Re: Set Z=5mm after homing G28
December 12, 2018 09:12AM

For you is this a verry good solution , I see.

I have no trouble with the first layer on my bed , I use Mesh leveling ( 9 points) and is always , after a fiew testprints OK.

My problem is the distance from the bed when the printhead is at Home position X=0 Y=0 (rest position afther home command) , I wand this Z at least 5mm high.
Re: Set Z=5mm after homing G28
December 13, 2018 09:19AM
Not sure if this line affects homing but maybe worth trying

in configuration.h disabled by default

//#define Z_AFTER_PROBING 5 // Z position after probing is done
Re: Set Z=5mm after homing G28
December 21, 2018 06:43AM
My setting Z_AFTER_PROBING 5 is enabled , but no succes

The problem is not by probing , but by HOME or G28 command , the head stays on pos 0,0 I want it 5mm from the bed .
Re: Set Z=5mm after homing G28
March 09, 2021 11:41PM
Did you ever find a solution to this? The reason I ask is because I have the opposite problem. Mine, by default, raises the z-axis to 5mm after homing and I want it to remain at zero and I can't find a setting in Marlin for that...only for after probing....
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