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At Start Goes wrong Direction

Posted by MARKZ 
At Start Goes wrong Direction
February 01, 2019 07:29AM

I have a very strange repeatable problem. I'm running Marlin 2.0 on a Cohesion 3d Remix board (LPC1769) with all A4988 drivers. It works almost flawlessly and I'm really liking it but... when I first power on it seems completely random as to how axes move.

Example: after power on if I run my Y axis (dual) it usually has the motors out of synch and nothing moves. Homing the Z axis goes the wrong direction.

Specific steps: G0X5 will go to the left 5mm. Then G0X0 will also go to the left 5mm. Then G0X5 will go to the right 5mm! After this the axes all move correctly.

It's not my axis settings or my endstops because after the hiccup it works flawlessly. G28 does a great home and G28axis all do the right things and G0X,Y,Z all go the right direction. Only at powerup does this happen. Is it possible that a port pin isn't being initialized or ???

It could be my configuration I suppose but note that at warm starts (hit reboot button and reload firmware) everything is correct, it is only when the power is first turned on.
[[b]EDIT[/b]: On later testing it does also replicate on warm starts - so I changed the message title]. So, it appears that when the firmware loads the Axes go in the wrong direction and then the right direction. I do have all three axes inverted.

Anyone have any ideas what could cause this?

Thanks, Mark

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Re: At Start Goes wrong Direction
February 03, 2019 01:56PM
I've resolved the above issue. It had to do with inverted axes at startup and is fixed in the latest build.
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