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Marlin 2.0 xyz cube surface finish against 1.9.1

Posted by Bking1340 
Marlin 2.0 xyz cube surface finish against 1.9.1
February 14, 2019 04:52AM
Good day all

Have downloaded bugfix-2.0.x from [marlinfw.org]
When printing a xyz calibration cube I get a surface problems as per attached picture.

This defect will be printed when the xyz cube are exactly in the middle of my delta printer build plate and only on the Y axis - when I move it 30mm left/right/front/back - no problems. This told me that there are a mechanical problem. The anycubic linerar plus are 2 months old, but I removed my rails, cleaned & oiled them (smooth as butter) and also checked, motor pinions and belts. Exactly the same problem after this
I moved back to marlin 1.1.9 and no issues.
My feed rates/acceleration/jerk and simplify3d gcode settings are exactly the same. I tried to copy all my 1.1.9 settings to 2.0
1st picture are 1.1.9 and 2nd are 2.0 ( The xyz cubes were only printed 50% because the problem are at the bottom - On the side you will see where the Y start, just beneath it are the problem)
open | download - IMG_20190212_145530.jpg (235.3 KB)
open | download - IMG_20190212_144517.jpg (228.9 KB)
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