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Marlin - Temperature adjustment offset?

Posted by StlLooking 
Marlin - Temperature adjustment offset?
May 14, 2019 09:28AM
Hi, I have been having some issues with PETG so dragged out my K-Type thermocouple and Fluke-meter. The thermistor I am using is low by a varying degree as the temp goes up. At 235 it is actually only 228 so I have bumped the temp up in the slicer to give an actual 235 hotend.

Just wondering if there is an offset for the temp in Marlin source so I do not have to remember to always bump the temperature up 7% in the slicer.

I also tested 3 more thermostats and they are all off by a small percentage ranging from 5% to 7%.
Re: Marlin - Temperature adjustment offset?
May 14, 2019 12:30PM
Have you tried using the new user thermistor option in Marlin 2 ?

If you FIRST set the 25C point OK (measure the thermistor resistance at 25C and enter that value), then you can adjust the beta value to compensate and adjust out the higher temperature inaccuracies.
Re: Marlin - Temperature adjustment offset?
May 15, 2019 11:51AM
Thanks, I forgot to mention I am using 1.1.9. I tried v2 a few months back, but still too buggy for my skill level.
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