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changing oversampling

Posted by guana19 
changing oversampling
June 12, 2019 12:12PM
i recently changed my printer's sensor to thermcouple
and i'm pretty satisfied with it's high temp durability but on the other hand, it seems like thermocouple is very volunable to noises.
my temp readings are going up and down like +-15 degrees!
i did lots of pid tunings and the actual temperature looked stable but the readings are jumping all around
so, i want to get rid of those noises, shielding the cable is an option but it doesn't always work
and i was looking for more simple options like tweaking firmware
then i found this oversamplenr in the firmware which means marlin will use the average of 16 readings from the sensor.
so i tried changing it from 16 to 32 and when i raised the bed temp, it triggered bed mintemp err.
and now i'm curious.
can i modify that value?
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