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#define ABL_UBL error

Posted by maxedmini 
#define ABL_UBL error
July 15, 2019 05:12PM
hi there when trying to enable #define ABL_UBL i get a compile error

Arduino: 1.8.9 (Mac OS X), Board: "Arduino Mega ADK"

sketch/Creality_DWIN.cpp: In member function 'void RTSSHOW::RTS_Init()':
Creality_DWIN.cpp:302:27: error: 'z_values' was not declared in this scope
rtscheck.RTS_SndData(z_values[xCount][yCount] *1000, AutolevelVal + (showcount-1)*2);
sketch/Creality_DWIN.cpp: In member function 'void RTSSHOW::RTS_SndData(int, long unsigned int, unsigned char)':
sketch/Creality_DWIN.cpp:558:26: warning: right shift count >= width of type [-Wshift-count-overflow]
snddat.data[0] = n >> 16;
exit status 1
'z_values' was not declared in this scope

anyone know why this is and how to fix it?
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