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CNC/Laser Enable

Posted by oldtimmer 
CNC/Laser Enable
July 20, 2019 10:58PM
Hi All it has been a while.

I am building a 4W blue laser engraver
I was using a Arduino Uno/CNC shield with GRBL firmware
Worked ok but was not fast enough max power on Laser was 1 W any higher would burn to dark (max speed achieved was 5000 mm/m) (when engraving images)
Been using Marlin firmware on 2 DIY 3D Printers for about 4 Years (Arduino Mega/Ramps 1.4 - Re-Arm/Ramps 1.4)

New Control Board
CoreXY no Z axis
2 End Stops
When you enable "#define SPINDLE_LASER_ENABLE" does it automatically disable hotends, heatbed and thermisers ?
Or do I need to have thermistors connected or resisters ?
I know then you enable CNC/Laser that it implements CNC Gcode.

I am using PlatformIO to build Marlin 2.0 fighting with errors compiling
Re: CNC/Laser Enable
July 21, 2019 08:57AM
To get around this issue you can set the thermistor to this type:
998 : Dummy Table that ALWAYS reads 25°C or the temperature defined below.

This way you don't need a thermistor connected and everything will run fine. I am not sure if it automagically disables the thermistor when you define the spindle laser enable becauuuuuse:

Not really needed, but in theory you could hook up a thermistor to the cooling fin of the laser and have it shutdown if it reaches a too high temperature. You are using a Laser Diode which by definition is very sensitive to heat, unless you're using a cheap model, you can use a thermistor to guard the laser diode but this is not necessary at all of course.

It would be annoying if defining laser spindle would disable the thermistor i.m.o. because you might want to use the thermistor for something else.

Re: CNC/Laser Enable
July 21, 2019 11:19AM
Ohmarinus : Thank You for your reply.

Will post progress
Re: CNC/Laser Enable
July 25, 2019 09:33PM
???Arduino Mega/Ramps 1.4 - Re-Arm/Ramps 1.4???
Will those run at higher than 5000mm/min

I use arduino / GRBL
PWM 2W laser to control power out and engraving

I don't understand needing > 5000mm/min unless you
need project done is 10 msec?

confused smiley
Re: CNC/Laser Enable
July 26, 2019 02:49AM
... 5000mm/min (83mm/s) is not that fast - especially, if you're "hatching" with high resolution eye rolling smiley

There are comercial belt-driven laser-cutters, which are "hatching" with up to 45000mm/min (750mm/s)!

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