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Heating issues

Posted by AndrewW09 
Heating issues
September 09, 2019 07:52PM
Hello all, so I have recently upgraded my printer from a direct drive single nozzle printer to a dual nozzle bowden setup. I am currently trying to work out the issues that I have, so far I have been able to figure out everything except an issue with heating the extruders. When I manually heat everything up all goes well, the bed heats up as well as both hot ends. But if everything is cold and I click on begin print, the bed will heat up and then once it starts heating extruder one it doesn't actually heat up, juts sits there. Also if I preheat everything and then click start print, the bed stays heated but both extruders cool down and return to their natural temperature. I am running Arduino ide 1.8.9 and marlin 1.1x. Also with the newest repetier host and slicer. I have not been able to attempt a dual color print because of this issue, but printing with only one extruder works fine. Any help would be great, thanks

My configuration.h is attached
open | download - Configuration.h (64.8 KB)
Re: Heating issues
September 09, 2019 09:05PM
You don't say exactly what your hot-end configuration is, nor what controller board you have. I assume you have two heaters and two thermistors, not a single heater and thermistor for both nozzles?

What pins do you have the two heaters connected to? Does that match the default values in pins.h and [board].h?

You don't have THERMAL_PROTECTION_HOTENDS or THERMAL_PROTECTION_BED enabled. This is unsafe practice. Is there a reason for that?

NB: if you have two nozzles, you need to specify the position of the second nozzle relative to the first at lines 215-216.

Also, you might need to set something up at lines 1148-1154? Or maybe that's for PLA and ABS?

When you change your firmware configuration from single to dual, you should probably clear all your EEPROM settings.

I think that there was also a line in adv_configuration.h that I changed when I upgraded from single to dual extruder, but I don't have the software here now to check.

Also, you need to tell your slicer that you have two extruders.
Re: Heating issues
September 09, 2019 09:21PM
Yes I do have two heaters and two thermistors. I have ramps 1.4. The hot ends are connected to D10 and D9. the Bed is connected to D8. Thermistors are connected to T0,T1,T2. I have updated repetier host and slicer to accommodate 2 hotends. Also I am not sure why I do not have themal protection set up, I am not 100% familiar with the thermal settings so if you could help me set it up or understand it that would be great. What confuses me is everything heats up fine when preheating and manually controlling the temperature, but as soon as I click begin print is when it messes up.
Re: Heating issues
September 09, 2019 10:39PM
I think the fact that it messes up when you click "Print" means that something is wrong with the G-code, which in turn suggests that there's something wrong with your slicer configuration. Probably a copy of the first few lines of your G-code file and the last several lines of your log file would be useful to diagnose what's happening. Look at your G-code for M104 or M109 lines. See [marlinfw.org] for more info.

Are you manually turning on the heaters from Repetier Host, or using the knob/LCD on the printer? You could also try issuing M104 or M109 commands manually from Repetier Host to see if you can narrow down what command isn't working as expected. NB that in Marlin Firmware, using M104 with no parameters will turn off the heater for the current extruder. This is also the case for M104 S without a number after the S parameter. For dual extruders, you use the T parameter to specify which extruder you're heating. IIRC, Marlin's extruder numbering is zero-based i.e. M104 T1 S205 would heat nozzle #2.

Uncomment lines 446 and 447 to enable thermal protection. Thermal protection monitors the temperature and the output pin... simplified, if the output is on but the temperature isn't increasing, then something's broken and it turns off everything.
Re: Heating issues
September 11, 2019 09:18PM
Okay so I have an update. I preheated the bed and once I click print both extruders begin to heat at a consistent pace, once they reach about 130 degrees they stop heating and cool back down.
Beginning of my g code is attached.
open | download - Gcode.gcode (1.2 KB)
Re: Heating issues
September 11, 2019 10:45PM
Hmmm... all looks legit.

Go into Repetier Host's Manual Control tab and type
M104 S195 T0

into the G-code text box and click Send. What happens? You should see Extruder 1 heating up. Wait until it gets to 195.
If that works, try
M104 S195 T1

A thought... what power supply do you have? If you have a 12V supply, then you need about 4A for each hot-end heater, 10A or more for a large heated bed (assuming it's not mains-powered), plus a bit for steppers and the controller board. So heating two hotends and the bed simultaneously you'll need maybe 20Amps @ 12V for a couple of minutes. If the power supply can't do 20A, the voltage will sag and the firmware might reset, which would turn all the heaters off. Put a voltmeter across the power supply while the heaters are all going, and see what the voltage does.
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