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Help ! Marlin 2.0 -Unusual z axe behaver

Posted by gin 
Help ! Marlin 2.0 -Unusual z axe behaver
November 13, 2019 05:49AM
I'm absolute green newbie in Marlin and I need same help around it,please be patient with me.
I have Creality CR 10s pro printer . From new one have had "home" issue ,nozzle was hitting heat bad. Instead factory ....hex I have decided to use "Tiny machines" firmware, with worked much better in a past and update proximity sensor from factory one to LJC18A3-H.Z/BX and when everything was assemble horror with z axe have started. All story is there.
To cut to the chase, point is this:
1. Know printer works like this.
2. All axes separately using function "move " -attached picture- works as it should.

What doesn't work:
1."Home" function . Nozzle keeps climbing up instead down but sensor reacts to signal and stops.
With advise from " tiny machine" I have tray to change in Marlin for my printer:

Lines 104 through 106 have sensor options
​//#define ABL_EZABL // TH3D EZABL or Any NO Sensor
//#define ABL_NCSW //Creality ABL or Any NC Sensor
//#define ABL_BLTOUCH
​By default the machine sets to the creality stock, ABL_NCSW, you need to override that by removing the // before ABL_EZABL
I did that and worked in wright direction but sensor not reacted to signal. Nozzle was moving down to heat bead with no brakes .

Using my newbie brain (actually is quite old) ,I need to change direction on Z axe ,from up to down, in Marlin when "home" function is activated.
Or, activate sensor signal to stop when lines 104 through 106 are changed by removing the // before ABL_EZABL.

It could be completely new solution to my problem .....
Grateful for any help or advise-internally !

open | download - All-Axe.gif (4.5 KB)
Re: Help ! Marlin 2.0 -Unusual z axe behaver
November 13, 2019 12:59PM
-y and+y axis are reversed as well.
May be hardware problem ?

Thank you
open | download - Axis directions.jpg (79.7 KB)
Re: Help ! Marlin 2.0 -Unusual z axe behaver
November 14, 2019 10:29AM
Easiest way to reverse a motor direction is rotate the connector plug 180 degrees
Re: Help ! Marlin 2.0 -Unusual z axe behaver
November 15, 2019 02:26PM
Hi obewan,

Thanks for suggestion,but doing that all z axes be reversed. My problem was only with reversed z axes for " home " position.
The problem was sensor ( marlin done by "tiny machines") ...only God knows why they reversed NPN NO (normally open) sensor .
Have reverse in they marlin:

line 1041 ==============Endstop settings===================

1104 #define Z_MIN_ENDSTOP_INVERTING true ( from false to true)
1105 #define Z_MIN_PROBE_ENDSTOP_INVERTING true ( from false to true)

So sensor move right direction (down) in "home" position but is not react to signal from sensor (smashing down to heating bad).
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