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Marlin set up for cold runs

Posted by Coolerooney 
Marlin set up for cold runs
February 22, 2020 04:47PM
Hi all,

Using marlin/ramps for a non 3d printing application
Keep getting problems with the temp settings- KILL messages
Tried the cold extrude sttettings, standard fixed thermocouple resistor settings etc
In some standard cnc setiings , you only keep the min end stops, i need them all, including the end filament sensors (for other uses)

Suggestions- or better - a ready ino?



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Re: Marlin set up for cold runs
February 23, 2020 12:40AM
If you don't send the printer gcode to heat up, it doesn't....

You cant really use E axis for anything other than an extruder... it is a) tied to temperature (which can be over ridden) , b) tied for feed rates of X and Y moves, which cannot be changed
Re: Marlin set up for cold runs
February 23, 2020 04:03AM
... I'm using Marlin for pastedispensing, laserengraving/cutting, CNC-milling -- and (industrial) ultrsonic cleaners with up to 5 vats with dryer and up to 3m horizontal travel range.

Most of this applications can run with the standard setup, when avoiding temperature setting/measuring or changing the mintemp values to 0 - for dispensing and laserengraving I've set the "E-steps_per_mm" to 1 and modifying the E-value in the G-code (modified Pronterface or external program modules) to create an exact pulse-ratio for the application.

For outputting 100 pulses per mm for a line, I'm calcualting the line length in mm and the resulting E-value is then the line length x 100 cool smiley

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Re: Marlin set up for cold runs
February 23, 2020 04:21AM
Hi Guys,

Thanks for the feedback
Dust: there will be no E motor/driver only want to use the end filament switch to call a modified M600 routine- basically homing all axis

VDA: yes thats the trick, but cant seem to get it done- the setting that make the moves completely temp independent- elude me

Thx in advance.....



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