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Delta setup

Posted by catmandu 
Delta setup
March 02, 2020 01:08PM
Hello, Apologies in advance for this post, I feel sure that this has been covered many times but I cannot find an answer. I have at last finished building my Delta, configured Marlin 2 to run it and got as far as getting everything working as it should. Homing, heating, fans, extruder etc. and now it comes to calibration- When I set up Marlin I put in a Z height of 365, but since getting all this together I have added a heat shield to the under side of glass bed and this makes the Z height 2,9mm less,(after doing the paper test) which also affects the tower measurements,So my question is do I have to get into the configuration file to alter the Z height or is there a more simple way? I came across a guide which gave a code (M203 I think) which was supposed to save this setting but Marlin did not recognise it. Another little niggle I have is that while trying yo get the firmware to work I came to a point where I was giving up on Marlin and I tried Smoothieware, I gave that up because I could not get the LCD to work properly, but one thing stood out like a sore thumb-- The motors under Marlin are "noticable" but under smoothieware were really quiet
The machine controller is the Makerbase MKS SGEN L V1,0 and firmware Marlin 2.0.4.
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