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Error when compiling Marlin 2.0

Posted by PukinDog 
Error when compiling Marlin 2.0
March 03, 2020 04:16PM
Hi all!
I have an Creality CR-10 that is modified and now I want to get it running with a Bigtreetech V3 controller board.
I have followed the instructions on the Marlin site and gone with the zip-file option and use the latest one. The problem is as the attached screen capture shows an error about files missing. There are nothing in the instructions about moving some files to get it to compile. I can't find anything about that when searching either. Perhaps due to using the wrong search parameters perhaps, I don't know.
Why do I get this message?
I compile with Visual Studio btw.

Thank's in advance!
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Re: Error when compiling Marlin 2.0
March 25, 2020 06:27AM
MarlinConfig.h should be in the Marlin>src>inc folder along with a few other files... (see image of my src folder)... clearly VisualStudio it can't find it! :-(

Suggest re-download Marlin folder?! :-)

open | download - Screenshot 2020-03-25 at 11.24.06.png (49.4 KB)
Re: Error when compiling Marlin 2.0
March 25, 2020 09:58AM
Yes, it can't find it. I have downloaded the file and tried several times. I'll do it again. Thank's!
Re: Error when compiling Marlin 2.0
March 25, 2020 12:04PM
That's weird...

see attached :-) from 2.0.5, but only changes since v2.0.0 are the date of copyright...


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