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Laser / 3d printing / CNC at same time !

Posted by merdasss 
Laser / 3d printing / CNC at same time !
March 06, 2020 11:13AM
hi every one !
i know that we can configure the marlin for cnc or 3d printer or laser cut processes , and also marlin support multi tool change mechanism
i was wonder that can we make marlin support all these three processes at same time ?
for example in main menu user be able to switch to cnc or laser or 3d printer through menu, and tool change mechanism park the old tool and replace it with the desired one for example cnc or laser
with this situation u can have a multi machining CNC!
does anyone tried this before ? i would be happy to share information with me
thank you all!
Re: Laser / 3d printing / CNC at same time !
March 06, 2020 12:22PM
... you can define different tools with different "pulses per mm" ratio, what could be a methode to control different tools with specific PWM ratios (or step-rates).

When configuring/using more different tools, I've configured one for a paste-jetter, the other for an UV-curing lamp (both with different Pulseratio/PWM) and the third without PWM for a camera -- this would be the same for CNC and/or laser.

Another point is correct offset-definition and programmatic tool-changig with this offsets -- for this I've modified Pronterface and added different "tool-boxes" for the specific toolheads ... but this is not part of the OpenSource programming, so can't disclosure or give more detailed infos eye rolling smiley

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