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Upgraded from Marlin 1.02 to 2.03 & 2.03 now Homing to Center instead of Corner?

Posted by pochrist 
Configuration.h - 2.0.4

Configuration.h - 1.0.2

I have (3) Maker farm Pegasus Printers (2) Pegasus 8 and (1) Pegasus 12

All 3 were running 1.0.2 Firmware provided by the manufacturer, I was able to run a utility that allowed me to transfer the settings to more a recent version of the Marlin firmware.

For the most part this has made great improvements to all 3 units, but the problem I have run into is that the Pegasus 8 units now home to the center of the bed instead of the corner of the bed.

I have been researching but i can't figure out why this is only affecting the Pegasus 8 units but not the Pegasus 12.

I know that some people like the center but too me it creates a mess with the g code scripting for my print starts: when I run a print the printer homes (to the center) and the leaves a blob of filament that then gets dragged to the corner of the bed where its performs a nozzle wipe, then it moves back too the center to start printing.

I uploaded both the original Configuration.h and the new Configuration.h (I think this is where the settings are determined) I will upload the full file sets for both if need be.

Can anybody review the files and tell me what I need to change so any future firmware flashes are correct going forward. Thanks
Re: Upgraded from Marlin 1.02 to 2.03 & 2.03 now Homing to Center instead of Corner?
March 11, 2020 12:53PM
If you have Z_SAFE_HOMING enabled then the Z homing will be done in the center of the bed - this is required if homing with a probe. If you have an actual Z end stop instead of using a probe for homing then you can disable Z_SAFE_HOMING.

If you do home with a probe then you need Z_SAFE_HOMING and should probably just add a G0 X0 Y0 after the G28 in your start gcode.
Yup that is enabled, I just disabled it and will re flash and report back.

Oddly enough I also checked the Pegasus 12 and its enabled there too (yet that unit homes to the corner already) strange... not saying this doesn't solve this issue, just noting it. Thanks
Just flashed it and it worked perfectly, thanks
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