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Origin position in Marlin

Posted by Lopi 
Origin position in Marlin
April 14, 2020 04:38PM
Good evening,

I have some troubles understanding the position of he origin in Marlin.
What is the difference between X_MIN_POS and MANUAL_X_HOME in configuration.h ?
Let's say I have an endstop in the negative X, and that my nozzle is 20mm away from the bed when it is against the endstop. Which one of this 2 parameters should I define to -20 in order to set the endstop position to -20 and thus have my bed at X=0 ?

Thank you for your help ;-)
Re: Origin position in Marlin
April 15, 2020 01:14PM
In almost all cases there's no difference - it only really comes into play when you have multiple independent extruders.
I prefer to use X_MIN_POS/Y_MIN_POS since it makes more sense to my brain.
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