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Z-probe "Touch-MI"

Posted by DrumClock 
Z-probe "Touch-MI"
May 24, 2020 05:29AM
I use a Z-probe type Touch-MI Probe by hotends.fr

info: Touch-MI probe

When using the POWER_LOSS_RECOVERY function, the probe is deployed when restored because the extruder moves to the X_MIN_POS position.
This is inadmissible because the probe tip strikes the object when returning to the print position.

The same problem occurs if DUAL_X_CARRIAGE mode is activated and carrier X1 is parked at position X_MIN_POS when the carrier returns to print is a big problem deployed probe.

FW Marlin Bugfix 2.0.x
Re: Z-probe "Touch-MI"
May 24, 2020 07:51AM
what do I know, but it looks like there are some config options that may solve the problem

//#define TOUCH_MI_DEPLOY_XPOS (X_MAX_BED + 2) // For a magnet on the right side of the bed
//#define TOUCH_MI_MANUAL_DEPLOY // For manual deploy (LCD menu)

deploy at a different position or manual deploy.
Re: Z-probe "Touch-MI"
May 24, 2020 01:11PM
Setting TOUCH_MI_DEPLOY_XPOS (X_MAX_BED + 2) solves the problem

The TOUCH_MI_MANUAL_DEPLOY setting works but you cannot start remote printing using the Octoprint server.

Re: Z-probe "Touch-MI"
May 24, 2020 02:41PM
That is above my pay grade since I don't have what you have. But I'm glad you made some progress.
Re: Z-probe "Touch-MI"
May 27, 2020 03:24AM
If the firmware doesn't work, I solved it mechanically.
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