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Homing issues

Posted by tubaman 
Homing issues
June 18, 2020 01:15PM
I have an Anet A8 with SKR 1.4 turbo board with TMC 2209's and sensorless homing, TFT35 display and the latest Marlin 2.0.x bugfix Marlin installed. I have several problems/things not working properly and would appreciate help.
Firstly, after I first turn the machine on, if I tell it to home, it goes the wrong way. The X-axis moves to the left and then both the X and Y axes move rapidly to the right until they hit the stops and sit there grinding. If I then do a reset and tell it to home again, it behaves perfectly and homes to the negative stops. This happens every time I switch the machine on and is more than annoying. Should I look to make changes to Configuration.h - maybe I need to invert 2 settings to make it right - I don't know?
Secondly, I can't save changes to the configuration settings from the TFT35 display - I can change things (like probe offset distance for example) in the short term but the changed settings disappear after a reboot even though I have done a 'save settings' from the display screen and got a message saying 'settings saved'. Is this something I have missed in the Marlin config?
Finally, I have hooked up a short neopixel strip to the SKR board and, while it will do the 'initial test' display during booting the machine and I can change colours from the TFT35 display, I can't seem to make it do the colour changes as the machine heats up.
Sorry to be so long winded but I've been struggling for a couple of weeks now and I'm about ready to give up - especially as my Anycubic Delta has just given up the ghost! Thanks.
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