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Mainboard pin assignments limitations / rules

Posted by matze87 
Mainboard pin assignments limitations / rules
June 27, 2020 02:55PM
Hi all,
at first, im not sure if i've choose the correct board and this is my very best englisch (i'm from germany)

but lets have a try :-)

i try to create my own mainboard, so i started to check couple well known and tested boards (Rumba,Ramps,MKS Robin..)
but now im totally confused... a lot of fast Pins like step, fan or Heater PWM are not linked with hardware PWM pins.
Since the boards are working it seems that it doesn't matter which pin is assigned to any task(except communications and analogs).

i've selected an STM32F7, basically 14 timers with a bunch of PWM (32 Pins). is there any advantage to use them for heaters / fan?
really looking forward to your answers!!

Thanks in advance and have a nice Weekend!!
Re: Mainboard pin assignments limitations / rules
June 27, 2020 10:41PM
You should use PWM pins for heaters and fans. It takes the load off the MPU

Its less of an issue with higher end MPU's, but its good practice
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